When You Wish Upon A Star Harp Duet Sheet Music

when you wish upon a star pinocchio harp

A harp duet arrangement of When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio. Recommended for intermediate level players on both lever and pedal harps (tuned in Eb major). Lever changes are indicated in the score. For pedal harps, the same markings can be used for pedal changes.

Key: C major
Lever/Pedal changes: Harp 1 (C#, Eb, F#, Ab), Harp 2 (Eb, F#, G#, Ab)
Range: Harp 1 (G5 – C2), Harp 2 (C6 – E3)
*For a guide to harp octaves, click here.

Available on My Music Sheet.

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